Quality Management System

The main purpose of JSC «VPTSP» - service requirements of our customers.

The main principles of our work:
• increasing the level of service for customers;
• Improvement of the quality management system, reducing defects in products;
• personal guidance from the Director JSC «VPTSP» Quality Management System
• prompt response to customer complaints, accounting and payment of all costs associated with the occurrence of random defects; improved quality in the directions established on the basis of data analysis;
• adoption of evidence-based decision-making;
• mutually beneficial cooperation with suppliers;
• motivation, awareness and training to increase the quality of work;


Quality management system of JSC «VPTSP» allows you to control production processes, improve and ensure their continuous monitoring.

To increase customer satisfaction with the quality of our products, we implement modern quality management methods and improving processes. Accepted optimal technical solutions, providing the highest quality products at the lowest cost.

Quality management system of JSC “VPTSP” provides policy in the field of quality and meeting a goal objective.


Quality management systemrelating to producing minor components for tractors Belarus satisfy the requirements of the STB ISO/TS 16949-2018.



Quality management system of producing spare parts for the front driving axle of tractor Belarus satisfy the requirements of the STB ISO 9001-2015.




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